Ubuntu – reset root password

If you forgot your root password or to login to Ubuntu (for recovery) without the root password, follow these simple steps: While the computer boots, press ‘Esc’ as soon as the Grub loads to go into the menu. Press ‘e’ to edit the boot menu Select the kernel line and again press ‘e’ remove the […]

Hide Apache Server Signature

To hide the detailed information about your Apache web server, OS and plugins, you disable the ServerSignature directive by modifying your Apache configuration file: On CentOS vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf On Ubuntu vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Search for ServerSignature and change it to off ServerSignature Off Save the config and reload Apache to apply the change: On CentOS service […]

OSX Startup keys

Some useful startup keys for Mac: C : Force boot from the CD-Rom drive D : Force boot from the internal hard drive Option : System picker show all bootable disks Space Bar : Apple extension manager Command-S : Boots Mac OS X into “Single User” mode Command-V : Boots Mac OS X into “Verbose […]

Major fiber cut in KTM

Thursday evening’s brief fire on a pole was much more severe than I would have imagined. It severed dozens of fiber and other cables. It took the ISPs whole night plus the following day to fix the mess. If you’ve noticed the way the cables are pulled across the city, it won’t take you much […]


Playing with RoundCube, so far looking good. Open Source, Ajax, no frame, cool interface, nice layouts and pretty easy to install. Beginning to think about migrating from Squirrelmail to RoundCube.